“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.”

Christopher Morley

Selectively Bred Litters for Sale

Each one of our litters are planned months in advance to determine the best possible stud to produce the next super stars in the German Shepherd World. Our females, all direct progeny recent World Champions, are then sent to Germany to be bred with the best World Champion Studs availible. These litters result in the best of the best, from both sides of the pedigree. It ensures that all the puppies have the potentials necessary to be a top-quality dog – whether it may be for protection, showing, breeding, and most importantly, your newest and most loyal family companion! Due to genetic makeup and upbringing, each puppy has a superior physical build, beautiful snouts, dark eyes, clear heads, and of course very black and red pigmentation. Each puppy comes with all proper paperwork as well as our                             12 Month Health and Temperament Guarantee.

Deposits to hold your next best friend are always welcome.

WORLD CLASS PUPPIES – EXCELLENT FOR FAMILY, protection, show, and reproduction!

$ 2,500

Quoran  5th Dog in the World 2017!!

Pariss – 2X V1

registration # SZ 2299780
titles Sg1/VA5/IPO3/KKL
hips  SV: HD A-NORMAL (A1)
elbows SV: ED A-NORMAL (A1)
ranking 5th Dog in the world (BSZS 2017)
registration # SKJ 68488
titles Sg1/V1/IPO1/KKL
hips SV: HD A-NORMAL (A1)
elbows SV: ED A-NORMAL (A1)
ranking 2X V1

pedigree Profile

Litter Profile

Quoran is an absolutely stunning young stud, has excellent hips, excellent elbows, strong bone structure, masculine, massive head, absolutely clear in the head, pronounced black mask, excellent drive and power, fully titled (IPO3) and recommended to breed (KKL). Superior pedigree with stellar genetically healthy parents and numerous World Champions!

Parents are Sg4 Baru di Croce Santo Spirito, 4th Young Dog World Champion, and Sg3 Clea d’Ulmental, 3rd Young Dog World Champion! G-parents are 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard, Two Time World Champion and 2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Two Time World Champion.


Pariss is excellent rated in show, which comes to no surprise seeing the numerous World Champions within her pedigree. Her build is in perfect proportion, absolutely clear in the head, powerful bite, plenty angled hindquarters, well pigmented, solid temperament and greath genetic health from both parents.

Father is VA2 Iliano vom Fichtenschlag, Second Dog World Champion Male! G-fathers are 2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Two Time World Champion, VA3 Viana vom Fichtenschlag, 3rd Dog in the World, and V2 BSZS Wallaby vom Kapellenberg, 2nd Young Dog in the World! Wow!



DATABASE PEDIGREE Pedigree Paperwork (AKC)
DATE BORN February 26th, 2018
puppies for sale Seven males and Two females

Litter Description

Litter Photos

HD Breeding Value: 77.5 (Excellent)

**One Long Coat Male**